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Aircraft Management and Operation  

It is highly important for every aircraft owner to be confident his high value asset is in reliable and careful hands, and the invoices are transparent and clear. To treat one"s asset as our own is an integrate part of our ideology. At the same time we highly respect property rights and protect these rights of the aircraft owners before the third parties. Accepting an aircraft for management and operation we also accept full responsibility for it.

Managing an aircraft we keep very transparent financial records. Our contracts for management and operation, which may be also provided in the Russian language, are free of complicated and hardly understandable definitions. We always aim to having all agreements clearly stated and easy reading. Financial statements are provided in English or in Russian, and all third party fees are supported by original invoice copies. The Customer may control and check any cost at any time upon His wish.

Should the Owner wish to decrease (or completely exclude) fixed costs for the aircraft, we may use our advanced charter sales network, providing as high commercial load for the aircraft as the Owner and His own flying needs allow.

Apart from all, we have implemented the Program of free flying for aircraft Owners.

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