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The History  

The history of the Company counts more than 20 years. Within this period the Company has passed all stages on its way towards a European AOC holding Company with a good standing, valued reputation and deep knowledge of the market.

History in facts:

In 1992 the Founder of the Company - Mrs. Nana Shavgulidze - has launched her first project in aviation which was unique both from the business organization point (it was based on elite business club model under "ShaNS" trade mark), and from the point of the activity nature. The Project, which was one of the very first in aviation on the former USSR territory, provided a regular charter on a Moscow - Tbilisi - Moscow routing with an airliner equipped with 60 first class seats. Later on such an activity was developed in the West under a common name of Business Shuttle. Our airliner performed its first flight in November, 1992.

In 1996 the second Project was launched. Our Tu-134 airliner was remade into VIP configuration and with this aircraft we started performance of adhoc charters.

1999 - JSC "ShaNS Air" obtained the Russian AOC. Shortly after the Company got for management and operation two other Tu-134 VIPs, obtained a line maintenance certificate and increased the staff to 100 employees.

In 2003 a decision was made to setup a company in Europe which soon resulted in creation of Business Jet Management and this led towards expansion to the West, implementation of Western Standards and allowed to spread the range of services.

2009 - the Company got for management and operation the first Western business jet.

Summer 2012
- a subsidiary Company "X-Jet GmbH." was founded, which obtained its Air Operator"s Certificate already in February, 2013. This allowed finalizing creation of the infrastructure offering aircraft management and commercial operation.

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